ray dietrich

Ray Dietrich

Ray Dietrich has an extensive background in sales and internet marketing. He has founded and built traditional businesses such as real estate companies, as well as having success in the affiliate marketing, e-commerce, and the direct sales industries. Until 2016, Ray accomplished all of this while maintaining his status as a full time Sheriff’s Sergeant in Southern California (So those of you working after ours… there is hope!)

An early adopter, he began using old school BBS systems with my commodore 64 in the late 80′s when all of this began. Paying $1.25 a minute to go to surf what would one day become AOL taught him a lot. Ray began working as an internet marketing and social media consultant in 1999. He has built and designed sites for musicians, small and mid level businesses, record labels, clothing companies, entertainment magazines, artists, internet marketers, direct sales distributors, and many more.

In Ray’s marketing career he has:
– Consistently been top affiliate marketer
– Launched companies moving into e-commerce space.
– Consulted for multiple-six and seven figure earners on how to expand their influence even further and make more sales.
– Managed large scale advertising campaigns for multiple companies.
– Named Chief Marketing Officer of a major sports niche corporation.
– Trained on building marketing funnels, online marketing, paid advertising, team building, facebook marketing, email marketing,traffic generation, and more.
– Built massive organizations within network marketing companies, and consults with leaders to show them how to do the same.
– Founding partner of the Online Launch Team, and involved in day to day operations of their consulting and advertising agencies.

Ray’s skill in building marketing funnels and advertising the funnels within any niche is often sought out by business owners and entrepreneurs.

Contact Ray – raytraffic@gmail.com


P.S. Can I stop talking about myself in the third person now? That’s my bio I use for business… I’ll sum it up for you in a nutshell:  I help people sell more stuff online.  Need that? Then you are in the right place.

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